These BRAND NEW Video Graphics Will Convert
Your Videos Into Money Printing Machines...
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Dear Video Marketer,

Ever wonder how those random guys make a consistent living and in many cases, a small fortune from just whipping up a few YouTube videos?

I mean, don't you just
envy those guys?

Let's think about this for a second. . .

They really have got it made.

All they do is record videos, put their spin on them, maybe do some last minute editing and polishing, and slap their video brand on it and their good to go.

And what happens next?

They Sit Back, Relax And Kick Their Feet Up And
Wait For A BIG, FAT CHECK To Hit Their Mailbox
Every, Single Month!!!

Ever have those burning questions in the back of your mind like:

"Why can't I live this kind of lifestyle?"


"What separates these guys from me in the video marketing industry?"

Well. . .

Truth is that they have all the bells and whistles and everything needed to monetize the traffic that they get from their videos. In addition to this, they have it in them to put their own spin on things and differentiate themselves from every other video marketer.

The bad news is that this is something that we can't teach you.

But the good news is that you can get access all of the fancy bells, whistles and everything that you need to have professional videos up and running in a heartbeat.

This Is Where We Come
In To Help You!

Hi there, Ray Lane here and I'm accompanied by my good buddy Niranjan, and what we have for you is nothing less than mind-blowing.

In case you live under a rock, you're probably aware of the fact that using videos to market is really taking businesses by storm.

It's been recorded that there are approximately 100 million people watching videos on a daily basis.

But this also means that you will have quite a bit of competition when it comes to being a video marketer.

It's just how things work but as we mentioned earlier, you have the opportunity to get access to everything you need to give YOU the edge over all the competition!

Don't believe us?

I'm sure we have your attention now, but allow us to elaborate a bit further.


VIDNIMATION is your one-stop-shop for all of your video marketing needs and will help make your videos more professional, have an edge over your competition and most importantly, bring in more sales and revenue.

Module #1 - 10 Call to Actions

(Available in MOV Format)

Module #2 - 60 End Screens

(Available in MOV Format)

Module #3 - 60 Lower Thirds

(Available in MOV Format)

Module #4 - 100 Animated Buttons

(Available in MOV)

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And That's Not All...You Get These Expertly
Crafted Graphics With DEVELOPER Rights

BONUS #1 - Animated Badges

As an early action taker you will get a bunch of high quality animated badges. These badges can be used in your own sales pages, videos or that of customers. You can use these as many times as you want in personal or commercial projects.

See the Quality of the Badges Below:

BONUS #2 - Animated Website Graphics

This is a pack of website graphics and is a very unique product compared to the regular graphics being released in the market. The animations are of high quality and stand out. Use these in your personal or commercial projects.

See the Quality of the Web Graphics Below:

BONUS #3 - Animated Objects

As a marketer you can never have enough of high quality marketing graphics and thus this thoughtfully designed pack of social media animated objects will provide you tons of ideas for your upcoming projects. As a VIDNIMATION customer you get personal and commercial usage rights to this pack.

See the Quality of the Social Media Icons Below:

BONUS #4 - High Quality Cartoon Backgrounds

These are high end cartoon backgrounds drawn and colored by a team of award winning professional artists. The pack includes day and night versions giving you the creative flexibility you have always wanted with your videos.

See the Quality of the Backgrounds Below:

BONUS #5 - Free Video Editor

We even have a FREE Video Editor for you that will work like a charm with Vidnimation!

Here is what you will receive, in a nutshell

What You'll Receive...
MODULE #1 - 60 Lower Thirds
MODULE #2 - 60 End Screens
MODULE #3 - 10 Call To Actions
MODULE #4 - 100 Animated Buttons
A Conservative Total Value Today

Are You Impressed? Well, This Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg!


You May Expect To Pay $347, $547, $947 or Even More
For Such a Valued Packed Video Package...

And let's face it, if you head over to one of those pricey stock video assets sites, take the minimum cost of an asset and do the math with the sheer number of graphic and video files you are getting in this incredible package...the cost will easily dwarf the conservative estimate of $1,200.00!

But heck, what's the point in doing the math?

Because you will not pay $1,200 today to get this package.

In fact, you will not even have to shell out $100 to get this video animation assets package...

This package is yours for $17!

One thing you need to know about us is that we are known for going that extra mile.

So. . .

We will even throw in button animations to make clickable links for so that you can monetize any service, products or offers that you are promoting!

We know what you're thinking. . .

Since we're being so nice and offering you so much value, there has GOT to be a catch!

In other words, all of this comes with a price.

Absolutely, there is a price but we're almost certain that what you had in mind is far off.

We're not asking for a fortune and we want to give everyone a chance to get access to all of our tools so that they can be the best video marketer that they can be.

So, all we're asking for is just a small, one-time investment of just $47.00 $17!

We want you to know that we stand behind Vidnimation 110% on its promises and all that it has to offer. To prove this, we will guarantee your satisfaction and if you are unhappy in the slightest bit, simply ask for a refund within 60 days of your purchase and we'll get taken care of - NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!

Listen! We're not sure
how long you've been
chopping away at this tree.

What we mean is you've probably been attempting to make your video marketing business work for years.

How has it been going?

Have you succeeded or have very little to no results to show for?

Chances are if you're on this page and you've read THIS far, you're looking for a solution to really drive it home.

Not sure where you're at, but mark our words when we say that

Vidnimation IS The Answer!!!

All we ask is that you put your trust in us and yes I know we seem like stand-up guys, but what's most important is that we have people to vouch for us on our tools delivering RESULTS!

In the end, that's what matters.

With everything said up to this point, you can keep running in circles and continue to wing it with your current video marketing business.


You can make the decision to get all in with Vidnimation, get the tools that the pros use and take your video marketing business to heights that you never would have thought were possible.

Maybe YOU can now be that guy with his feet up and his bank account getting fat.

It boils down to you making a choice right now but please do hurry!

We realize that Vidnimation is extremely valuable and we can't have access open to the public for too long, so this will be removed from the marketplace soon!

So. . .

Hit The Button Below And Secure Your Copy NOW!

Here's To Your Video Marketing Success!

My "No Questions Asked 100% Money Back" Guarantee

Get Vidnimation and use it in your projects. If for any reason you are not happy with the quality of the assets, then shoot me an email saying so and I will have your entire investment refunded to you.

There will be no questions.

There will be one email from me though, thanking you for trusting me in the first place and trying out Vidnimation.

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